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I created these journals so you can pause, connect with yourself, get to know yourself better and make the journaling habit a pleasure and a delight.

Let me tell you a little bit about The Sunday Night Journal

I created this book with the intention of transforming your Sunday nights into a time of mindful self-care so you can start the week with positivity, purpose and gratitude. The Sunday Night Journal is a beautiful practice to be present for your days, be clear about your priorities, and feel gratitude for your life. With the journal, you can say goodbye to the dreaded Sunday night (and Monday morning) blues.

There are 52 journaling pages with thoughtful prompts so you can deepen your connection with yourself. This is the core of the journal.

To make it even more useful, I’ve also added 52 pages for weekly review and planning. There are check-in pages monthly and midyear check-in pages. At the end is a Yearly Check-In where you can celebrate your achievements, process what you’ve learned and set an intention for the next 12 months.

Creating The Sunday Night Journal was a pleasure and delight. I hope you feel the same as you complete your journal.

Thank you for falling in love with the products I create.

About the creator

Aurora M. Suarez is a certified Courageous Living life and career coach. 

She helps women achievers, leaders and creatives get the clarity to discover what they truly want, make courageous choices and take powerful action to change their lives.  She invites them to craft a life they love.

Subscribe to her monthly Joyful Little Note to add inspiration, joy, mindfulness to your month…or even just your day.  Find out more about coaching at or say hi at

What you love about the Sunday Night Journal

I just want to say I am so thankful for your journal because I feel I started to open again towards myself and it made me be more creative in terms of designing the page.

Hanna T

This is my 2nd year purchasing and I am seriously in love with your product. :) It's made with love and intention, and it really shows!

Francine T

The Journal has been indispensable in helping me sort out some of the issues I've faced this year, and keeping me grateful for things I would have overlooked if I hadn't listed them every Sunday night.

Maia D

It is my favorite part of the week even when some nights I feel so tired with other adulting things I need to do on my weekend...I’m so glad I have tried it in my life. I was able to get to know myself better, download my thoughts and keep developing myself by being more aware and intentional.

Temi E

I started one volume in 2019 and been journaling using the washi tape ever since. I am not consistent in the practice but whenever I feel I need to check in with myself the Sunday Night Journal is there. I feel loads better after every practice. Now moving on to the next volume!

Mara P

Thank you for the Sunday Night Journal. I started in January and still going strong. The journal side has helped my creativity and I also have especially loved the gratitude and what could have gone better part...Just looking at the journal gives me joy.


This is my second Sunday Night Journal, I love the prompts, they’ve really helped me process a lot of thoughts and feelings.

Paola L

The design and word prompts make me remember what matters. My new Sunday night ritual.

Maya C

The Sunday Night Journal really helped me stay consistent with journaling and has been such a calming, grounding practice.

Angela A