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Frequently-Asked Questions

1. Do you offer bank deposit or GCash?

Yes, I do! Fill in all your details and keep pressing the buttons. On the last page, under the heading of Payment, there are three payment options: PayPal, bank deposit and GCash. Check the appropriate option. Once you click the Complete Order button, you will receive an email with my bank deposit details for BPI and BDO and my GCash QR code. Just send a copy of the deposit slip to confirm your order.


2. Who do you use for shipping?

I use a service called Blitz Delivery. If you live in Metro Manila, you will receive your orders three to five business days after shipping is confirmed while provincial orders will take 10 to 15 business days. If I can’t find your address via Blitz Delivery, especially for provincial orders, I will use LBC. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number once I ship your journals.


3. When will you offer international shipping?

United States: I can ship my journals to the United States for a $50 shipping fee (this may change depending on current exchange rates). Shipping is done via Fedex.

All other countries: The Sunday Night Journal and Good Job: A Meaningful Career Journal, international shipping is available at my partner store: Frankie and Friends General Store.

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For The Tiny Gratitude Journaling Kit, please email me at so we can figure out a solution.


4. I want to give your journals as gifts. Do you have a more affordable option?

YES! The BFF Bundle will give you TWO copies of The Sunday Night Journal Volume 4 which you can give to a friend or two. This is priced at P1500 (or 17% discount). The Better Twogether Bundle will give you TWO copies of the Good Job Journal for P1000 (a 17% discount). Choose this option on the shop pages of these products.


5. You talked about the themes for The Sunday Night Journal Volume 4. Can you tell me more about them?

Here are the monthly themes for the prompts for The Sunday Night Journal Volume 4. Since you can start anytime in the year because the journal is undated, the months are unmarked.

Month 1: Intention

Month 2: Love (and this is NOT about romantic love)

Month 3: Purpose

Month 4: Learn

Month 5: Connection

Month 6: Becoming

Month 7: Creativity

Month 8: Abundance

Month 9: Courage

Month 10: Wellness

Month 11: Gratitude

Month 12: Joy


6. I tried The Sunday Night Journal and I couldn’t keep up with it. How can I get started again?

The journal is a no-pressure, no-judgment space. If you want to skip some questions, do so. If you want to skip some weeks, that’s okay as well. Just know that this little book is waiting for you when you’re ready to begin again.

I’ve been using my own journal for almost three years and none of them are 100% filled up. I have skipped some questions because I didn’t know the answer or I’ve just been too busy. Starting the middle of this year, I have also started writing in it on Monday mornings.

But when I read back, it’s interesting to see what I have written. It gives me clarity about who I am, what I value, my dreams, my fears. And the planning pages have been so helpful in keeping me on track as the priority-setting practice answers the question: “Does this action move me towards my goals or away from them?”


7. Do you have a digital version of the journal? I have started doing all my journaling on my iPad and I don’t want another paper product cluttering up my space.

Volume 3 initially started as a digital download. I asked myself—during this pandemic, what would be the easiest way for me to deliver this experience? So I came up with a downloadable printable that would be delivered to your inbox once a month.

But I realized that this was the wrong question to ask. The right one was: What is the most beautiful and meaningful experience I can create for users of The Sunday Night Journal?

That was how Volume 3 became an actual journal—with the two rolls of washi tape to make it an interactive and delightful experience. I also know how tired we all are of our digital devices so I wanted to offer a little tool to give you that sacred space to feel cared for, nourished, supported and loved.

TLDR: No, there is no digital download for Volume 3. It is a purely analog experience and I will keep it that way for as long as I can.

If you have other questions, please email me at