The Sunday Night Ritual (COMING SOON!)

The Sunday Night Ritual (COMING SOON!)

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(THIS IS STILL COMING SOON! Click here if you want to know when it launches.)

Always feeling anxious on Sunday nights?

The Sunday Night Ritual is a monthly digital subscription that’s  the perfect partner for your writing practice. This includes tools that will deepen your relationship with yourself and shift your energy around Sunday nights (and Monday mornings).

As you do the Sunday Night Ritual, you will find that:

You can empower yourself to feel good and be present for your life.

You can shift your mindset around the beginning of the week not through force or fake positivity but through healthy and sustainable habits.

You can lessen the stress and anxiety in your life through the gentle practices of slowing down, meditation and journaling.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A monthly reflection on the Sunday Night Journal Volume 3 theme. This will include book recommendations, web links and fun extras.
  • Printable affirmation cards that are aligned with the theme (these can also be used as digital backgrounds for your phone)
  • A meditation that you can use before writing in your Sunday Night Journal
  • Twice a year, I will ask you to participate in a month-long daily challenge with me (CREATIVITY and GRATITUDE)
  • An non-Facebook based online community where we can share our thoughts about the theme
  • A burn ritual on the full moon to let go of everything that no longer serves you and honor what does

Here are the monthly themes:

Month 1: Intention

Month 2: Love (and this is NOT about romantic love)

Month 3: Purpose

Month 4: Learn

Month 5: Connection

Month 6: Becoming

Month 7: Creativity

Month 8: Abundance

Month 9: Courage

Month 10: Wellness

Month 11: Gratitude

Month 12: Joy

You will receive The Sunday Night Ritual via email on the first day of the month. This starts in January 2021.

Please note that you will not receive any physical products. This is a digital subscription. Photos are a representation only.

Annual subscription:  P2500 (30% OFF the monthly subscription)

Monthly subscription:P300

Coming soon! If you want to know about the launch date, click on the link below.